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Teana + Jordan's Downtown Chattanooga Engagement session

Y'all are in for a treat with these two, that's for sure! Teana + Jordan are getting married at The Turnbull on September 12, 2019 and I am the lucky photographer chosen to capture their special day!

I know Teana from when I was living in Nashville–we worked retail together! The good ol' days of TJ Maxx... It really was a great place to work and I don't have many complaints other than the normal retail, customer service complaints, aha! But that's for a different day!

Teana and Jordan are still living in the Nashville area and I'm here in Knoxville. The Turnbull is in Chattanooga and when I asked why they were getting married away from home, she said: "Once I saw your images from a wedding at the Turnbull I knew that was the venue for me!" **Queue happy tears** Neither of them have friends or family in Chattanooga, so they really are making the journey just for the venue. But can you blame them?? The Turnbull is gorgeous, and you can see the wedding they were talking about here.

Anyhow, Chattanooga is a good middle ground between Nashville and Knoxville. To get to Nashville from Knoxville (and vice versa) it's a very long and boring 3 hour trip. But Chattanooga is just an hour and half away from both of us! So we met in Chattanooga one gloomy, March day and had a blast for their engagement session! Luckily most of the rain held out until after the session, but we did get a few sprinkles here and there! We started the session at The Turnbull, then visited Ross' Landing and Coolidge Park. Oh, and we ended the session on the carousel. Can you say FUN?!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!


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