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Brittany & Josh's Chattanooga Proposal

This proposal has a special place in my heart. Brittany is one of my best friends, going on 10 years now! Josh reached out to me to photograph his proposal to her, and I could not be more excited to say yes!

The tricky part: How do I hide without Brittany noticing me, or do a session without raising suspicion? It was a process, but Josh and I came up with a good plan! Josh decided to propose on their anniversary. If you don't know Brittany, she is all about celebrations and dolling up and dresses, so everything leading up to the session shouldn't shock her or surprise her. Josh bought this dress for Brittany and told her they were going to a nice dinner, but before that he had another surprise: An anniversary session with me! Brittany wanted to do Christmas photos with me last year, but we didn't get around to it. So Josh and I said "We didn't get to do Christmas photos, so we figured this would be the next best thing!" And she totally bought it.

I started off the session like a normal couple's session so that she wouldn't suspect anything. I waited until the very end, when she thought we were done. She was so surprised, she cried, I cried, Josh almost cried.

It was a beautiful proposal.


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