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If I'm not shooting or editing, you can find me snuggling my pups with my head in a book (love psychological thrillers!), playing Crash Team Racing, crocheting little amigurumis, or watching my favorite shows. I love medical dramas, crime shows, young-adult dramas (guilty pleasure!), and horror shows. I'll watch just about anything! From American Horror Story to New Girl—I watch it all.

Right now, photography is a part-time job for me. But have no fear; this will NOT affect the level or quality or service you receive! I do enough to keep my heart and soul happy and I love giving people photos they can cherish for a lifetime. My full-time day job is a graphic designer for a local credit union. And I love my jobs! I'm blessed to be able to do two things that make my heart so full and happy, while meeting new people along the way!

Sarah Michelle Photography is also LGBTQ+ friendly. While I am a Christian, my faith teaches love (not hate!), and we are to love everyone as Jesus would. My beliefs are my own, as are yours. Love is love. Family is family. I have many friends and family members that are LGBTQ+ and I don't see them any differently because of my faith. So if you're looking for a photographer to photograph your family or your love without the possibility of judgement, you can rest easy with me. My mission at Sarah Michelle Photography is to capture authentic moments with empathy, trust, and thoughtfulness.

I like dogs, pumpkin cream cold brews, my husband, and I'm a little bit sassy and sarcastic. I like to travel and I'm a *little* clumsy. More importantly, I'm a lifestyle photographer living in Knoxville, Tennessee that loves to capture true, candid moments. I also provide services to my beautiful hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

​I specialize in all types of sessions; I photograph couples, weddings, newborns, families, portraits, headshots, and even pets. You name it, I can probably shoot it! I love being able to shoot a variety of sessions, it never gets stale over here at Sarah Michelle Photography!

I am also a permitted photographer for the Great Smoky Mountains. So if you're visiting the area and want a session, I'm your girl!



• I'm an introverted book-worm. 

• I am an old soul; my main hobbies are reading and crocheting.

• I'm a dog-person. But I love ALL animals.

• I enjoy cooking, as long as someone else cleans it up

• I have an obsession with coffee cups

• I somehow manage to kill succulents

• I'm actually kinda clumsy; I'm sure you'll see it at some point during our session!

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