If I'm not shooting or editing, you can find me snuggling my pups with my head in a book (love psychological thrillers!), playing Crash Team Racing, or watching my favorite shows. I love medical dramas, crime shows, young-adult dramas (guilty pleasure!), and horror shows. I'll watch just about anything! From American Horror Story to New Girl—I watch it all.

Right now, photography is a part-time job for me. But have no fear; this will NOT affect the level or quality or service you receive! I do enough to keep my heart and soul happy and I love giving people photos they can cherish for a lifetime. My full-time day job is a graphic designer for a local credit union. And I love my jobs! I'm blessed to be able to do two things that make my heart so full and happy, while meeting new people along the way!



Photo by T&K Photography

Photo by Caitlin Steva Photography

I like dogs, pumpkin spice lattes, my husband, and I'm a little bit sassy and sarcastic. I like to travel and I'm a *little* clumsy. More importantly, I'm a lifestyle photographer living in Knoxville, Tennessee that loves to capture true, candid moments. I also provide services to my beautiful hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

​I specialize in all types of sessions; I photograph couples, weddings, newborns, families, portraits, headshots, and even pets. You name it, I can probably shoot it! I love being able to shoot a variety of sessions, it never gets stale over here at Sarah Michelle Photography!


• Wanna know how I met my husband? Our parents set us up on a blind date. Yup. My parents found my husband.

• I'm a dog-person. But I love ALL animals.

• I enjoy cooking, as long as someone else cleans it up

• I have an obsession with coffee cups

• I am an old soul trapped in a young body

• I somehow manage to kill succulents

• I'm actually kinda clumsy; I'm sure you'll see it at some point during our session!

Photo by Caitlin Steva Photography