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Sissy + Brian's Adoption Lookbook session

Adoption Announcement

Fun Fact: Waking up early for a 7:30 am session is something you WON'T regret. The light is delicious, it's cooler outside, and there are rarely crowds. Sissy and Brian agreed to an early session, and it was magical. We spent the morning at Coolidge Park in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee and basically had the park to ourselves. In the picture above, the whole street directly behind them would have been packed with cars starting around 9:30 am, and here it is around 8 am, nice and empty with some golden sun beams coming through. Perfection.

This session is probably one of my favorite session's to date. I know I've said that before, but dear Jesus these two are naturals in front of the camera and their love shines through in every. single. photo. The light was gorgeous, their interactions were perfect, and it was an absolute blast.

Sissy and Brian are going through the adoption process and contacted me for photos for their lookbook and for an adoption announcement photo to post on social media. For photos that will go in the adoption profile book (lookbook), it's important to have photos that show genuine happiness and laughter - and there isn't a shortage of those in this gallery. When Sissy first contacted me, she stated: "When I sent [Brian] a few websites of photogs to look at, he said that you were the best at generating authenticity!" And my heart exploded with joy and I squealed like a little girl. That is my goal when with sessions—to create images that are authentic and real, less posed. I'm so so happy that they were able to see that and picked me to do this session!

We shot their adoption announcement image in a few different locations, and I can't pick just one, so you will see all of them. They chose the one above to use, and it was definitely one of my top favorites as well!

I hope you enjoy their gallery and see the sweet, sweet love these two share. They will make wonderful parents soon!


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