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Amber + Anthony Engagement

Back in April, I did my first giveaway promotion. I had people like my page and share a post to be entered to win a free shoot, and these two love birds were the lucky winners! I was so happy when her name was drawn - I didn't know her, but after seeing a picture of her and her boo on Facebook, I knew these two would be fun and the shots would be gorgeous. I was correct.

We had to reschedule a few times due to rain, and we got to the point where we said "If it rains... we're just going to embrace it!" Well, NO RAIN! Thank the Jesus.

I had an absolute blast with this couple. They did everything I guided them to do + more. Anthony told me it was more like a workout session! Pick her up, twirl her, run with her, dance... it was exhausting, but oh so fun. When I shoot couples, I really get them interacting. I do a lot of movement when I shoot because I don't want stiff, boring poses. I want to get y'all laughing and intimate! I played some music and we had at it!

The love between these two in undeniable. You can see it in the way he looks at her, and the way he looks and laughs at him. This is what true love looks like.


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