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Airport Proposal - Knoxville, TN

Man proposing in airport Knoxville, Tennessee


My heart is full and happy right now. I got to go incognito at an airport and shoot a proposal for this sweet couple! My hairdresser was telling me how her sister-in-law's boyfriend was flying in from Arizona for the holidays, and planned on proposing to her the minute he approached her in the airport. My heart starting galloping right there. Is there anything more romantic than an airport proposal?!

So when Bethany (hairdresser) asked if I could be there to photograph it, how do you say no to that?! *spoiler* You don't.

So I probably looked sketchy while waiting. Clutching my oversized, heavy purse that was holding my Camera and 70-200mm lens. If you're not a photographer and don't know what that lens is, it's a big zoom lens that's about as long as your forearm and weighs about the 3.5 lbs. Which doesn't sound like a lot until your holding it in a purse dangling from your shoulder, or holding it with just your wrist. Regardless, I probably looked super sketchy because I was also so nervous and excited so I was jittery. It's a wonder no one approached me, aha!

So it comes time and I get the text saying he's landed, but I don't have eyes on Abbie. "She's a cute red head and hard to miss. You don't see her?" I walk up and down the area looking, and then I spot her. So I give the go-ahead for him to start coming out.

It was the cutest darn thing. From what I'm told, Abbie is on the shy side and doesn't like to make a spectacle (girl, I'm the same way. I told my husband when we proposed he wasn't allowed to do it in a big, crowded place) So when Cody started dropping to a knee, Abbie started freaking out and trying to get him to stand back up. From what I'm told, Cody told her to hold on, asked her to marry him, and she promptly went: "Yes, but get up! There's people watching!!"

Isn't that the cutest? He had the biggest grin, and she was gushing over her ring and the surprise of it all.

I took a few pictures of them in the airport, and then took them outside of the airport for a few pictures of the newly engaged couple. Luckily we had one tree that still looked kind of fall-ish, so we made it work!

Surprise #2: There was a surprise party waiting for her at the house. She asked Cody if anyone else knew, and he said no. So like clockwork, Abbie said "Well, we gotta go tell everyone!" So after some pictures, we said our "good-byes" and I waited about 5 minutes and then left for the house to snap some family photos!

(This took place at McGhee Tyson Airport)


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