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The Walter Wedding at the Turnbull- Chattanooga

wedding couple after sunset

The Walters. Oh, how I adore this couple to the moon and back. I mean, look at the image above... how adorable and gorgeous are they?! They are also so incredibly sweet and warm-hearted. Poor Nicole had to brace the crisp, December evening in her dress. But it was oh, so worth it. She had a nice white, fluffy coat she put on for some pictures, and we would rotate in and out of it for images. You'll see more of those below. Ben was lucky wearing his tux, those things will definitely keep you warm!

Nicole and Ben got married at The Turnbull Building downtown Chattanooga on December 7, 2018. This wedding was the definition of romance. The Turnbull's brick walls and industrial feel, paired with Christmas light wrapped around the poles made the whole place feel warm and cozy. For their reception area, there was live music as guests entered and it really set the mood. Nicole and Ben had a large turnout with all of their supporting friends and family, so even though the room was packed, it still felt small, cozy, and intimate. And when I say these two have a lot of friends and family supporting them, I mean A LOT. They had a wedding party of 20 people! Seeing all the love these two received in one day was touching, and it made me want to join the family! Though I will say, all the grandparents happened to like me and we had a nice chat in the elevator together. ;-)


Catering: Cranberry Cupboard Catering

Wedding Dress: Ever After Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie (I used them for my own wedding, as well! Highly recommend!)

After the bridesmaid reveal, Nicole and Ben decided to do a first look. Their ceremony was at 6:30 PM, and in December the sun sets around 5:30. So for the sake of light and being able to go straight into the reception, they opted to do the first look and get their couples portraits done before the ceremony. There was this cute sidewalk lined with (dead, but still pretty) trees and an empty street, so we decided to do the shots here!

After the first look and some portraits, we went ahead and did the wedding party pictures. Once those were done, I took the happy couple back outside for more portraits. By this time, it was about 5:30, so the sun was setting and even though it was a cloudy day, we still got the soft, subtle light filtered through the clouds and some romantic street lights even came on towards the end. *Dreeeeeeam*

I'd also like to point out how GORGEOUS the color of the bridesmaid dresses are. It's such a unique color that I haven't seen before. During my editing, I made sure to keep the colors of the dresses as true-to-color as I could. The deep, rich teal color was flattering on everyone, and I kinda want to get married again just so I can use these dresses!

Nicole also did a first look with her dad. And if you needed a smile today, you're about to gt it!