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The Powers Wedding in Knoxville, TN

Wedding Couple in church chapel kissing

Chelsea and Clay tied the knot on October 27, 2018 here in Knoxville, TN. They wed in the older chapel of First Baptist Concord Church and took their reception to Fox Den Country Club.

There's a fun backstory on how I met this lovely couple. There are multiple Facebook groups dedicated to photographers, and in a local Chattanooga group a photographer posted a referral for "Knoxville at First Baptist Concord Church." And I responded with, "I'm available! I live in Knox and I actually go to that church!!" And behold, I got an email from Clay and Chelsea. What's more interesting, is First Baptist Concord actually has 2 locations: the main campus in Farragut (where the wedding was) and smaller campus hosted in West Hills Elementary School. My husband and I actually go to the smaller campus because it's closer to our house and we love the smaller feel. Well, it turns out Chelsea and Clay actually go to the West Hills Campus, too! What are the odds?! Fast forward to today, and they are now a part of the Wednesday night life group I'm in. I'm so excited to continue watching their relationship grow and flourish within the group and church. They really are an amazing, magnetic couple!

I'm just going to interrupt and hop in to say that Clay and his groomsmen were HILARIOUS! They wanted to do a cheesy "Groomsmen reveal" photo where they acted like bridesmaids, and I must say it was one of the best moments of this wedding. There were many great moments, but this one definitely makes the top 5. Please review the image below, paying close attention to each groomsmen. :-) I also told them to "get sexy with the suspenders" so keep scrolling to see that gem.

So, in the middle of "Watch Me Whip, Now Watch Me Nae Nae" Grandpa decided to surprise us all and jump in to try and learn!


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