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The Meadows Wedding - Urban Lawn in Chattanooga

Oh sweet Jesus. I hope you have some fans lying around because some of these pictures will get steamy. You'll also want some tissues next to you... because I was bawling my eyes out editing this wedding!

Leading up to the wedding, we were a little worried about the rain. It seems that almost every wedding I have shot it ended up raining! The forecast called for rain up until the day of and about an hour before it was set to begin the sky just bottomed out and released every ounce of rain it had, at once. I was thinking: oh shoot. Jacky is not going to like this. But God was on her side, because it let up just 10 minutes before she arrived at the venue!

Their venue was The Urban Lawn in the Southside area of Downtown Chattanooga. It's a small, cute, intimate venue for smaller weddings and events and it was perfect for the Meadows. They have bistro lights hanging outside, patio furniture, and just about everything else you could need for your wedding day.

I arrived early to start taking pictures of some of the details. The first thing I saw when I arrived were the perfect cupcakes and delicious truffles made from Chatta-Cakes Bakery. Oh my gosh. They looked SO GOOD and tasted like heaven in my mouth!

The next thing I saw after the desserts, was the gorgeous bouquet made by Blue Ivy Flowers. This florist is so talented and her bouquet was perfect and matched the colors and feel that Jacky had wanted for her wedding.

Shortly after finishing the details, Jacky arrived at the Venue and her dad was out there waiting to greet. her. I'll stop rambling now and get back to what you came here for: the pictures!

After getting out of the car, I had to dash inside to get ready for the walk. And tissue warning! This next photo is Mitchell after seeing his gorgeous bride.

He is fighting back those tears! But you know what else I love about this image? The looks his officiant and brother are giving him. I DIED laughing after noticing that!

This next photo really hit me in the feels. And when I first sent it to Jacky and Mitchell, she texted back with: "I am crying my eyes out. That is the most emotional picture ever. No one else could have ever captured out true emotion like you did. I am so thankful for you and your amazing talent." Queue my tears.

Now, this images is probably only emotional for them and me, as we were the only ones to experience it. Jacky and Mitchell literally have a connection like no other. Out of all the couples I've ever photographed, I've never encountered one this strong. It's electric. You can feel it the moment you're in their presence. Here's the backstory: right after kissing his bride and walking back down the aisle, they entered a covered patio are that was hidden from the rest of the guests. The moment they got behind some curtains and out of the eyes of their guests, Mitchell unexpectedly grabbed his new bride and just passionately kissed her for a solid 3 minutes. He was so excited to finally be able to call her his wife and it was so touching. No joke, I'm getting chills right now as I write this out. It was the most passionate thing I've ever seen. This may look like a normal kiss to the average viewer, but trust me when I say it isn't. And this is what I love about my job. I get to capture these unique and special moments for my clients, and experience them with the couple. It's like I'm a part of their relationship now!

Time for another tear-jerker. This next image is of Jacky's best friend. Without going into personal details, her friends had a life-changing experience that risked her life, and she survived. She's still surviving. And they are closer than any friendship I've seen. It seems that Jacky is just a very passionate person who builds strong, electric relationships with everyone!

After doing the family formals, we piled up into my car and headed over to Renaissance Park for the pictures of Jacky and Mitchell alone, as well as with Jacky's two daughters and Mitchell's now step-daughters. But let me tell you, these girls love Mitchell. According to Jacky, Mitchell is like a giant child and plays with the girls as if he were their age. So they definitely approve of Mitchell joining the family.

I'd also like to add in that the era of expensive wedding dresses is over! Jacky got this beauty for under $800 from a website called All Dressed Up. And after browsing their site, there's definitely a lot of gorgeous dresses! You'll still find some $1000+ but I guarantee you that same dress in a big box store would be double the price!

Now, when it came time for the reception, the kids were the stars of the show. They did not hesitate to get out there and dance around!

I hope you enjoyed Jacky and Mitchell's wedding as much as I did! If you like what you saw and you're interested in my photography services, shoot me a message and lets start talking! You can contact me here!


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