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Izzy's Senior Session in Knoxville, TN

Senior Girl Portrait

Man, oh man. How I've missed doing portrait sessions! My life lately has been mainly weddings, families, and babies (which I love) but it's been a hot minute since I've done a solo portrait session and I forgot how much I LOVE them!

When I do sessions, I love bringing a small bluetooth speaker with me and playing some jams. Music loosens everyone up! I love it for couples, but especially love it for portrait sessions. For some of these, I told Izzy to kinda go with the beat. "Walk that way, spin, look back behind me, and do it to the beat of the music like you're the star of the music video! Play with that hair and give me some spunk!" Her Aunt is the one who booked this session and she informed me Izzy was kinda shy. WELL SHE FOOLED ME! Just look through these pictures and you won't see a shy girl. You'll see a gorgeous, confident young lady who was KILLING IT during her session.

One think I always tell my seniors is: "So, my sessions are more laid back and fun. We'll get some of those posed pictures for Mom, but we'll also have some fun and get some of those model shots and artistic shots!"And that loosens them up, as well. Parents tend to want the more traditional "smile at the camera" shots, but the seniors tend to want the more artistic and fun shots! So we get the best of both worlds!

These were taken with my new babies; my Canon 5D Mark IV and my Tamron 85mm 1.8 Di VC. So if you're a photographer who's been considering this lens, DO IT. The best investment I ever made! There's a few in here that were taken with my 50mm, but most of them were on the 85.

I hope y'all enjoy this gorgeous girl and her senior session!

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