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Macey & Mom - Portrait Session in Knoxville, TN

Portrait of a girl with blue eyes

MAN OH MAN, have I got a session for y'all. Macey is the kindest, sweetest, 10 year old girl I've ever met. She was incredibly fun to photograph and went along with my prompts like a pro! I also foresee a modeling career in her future. I mean, look at the image above! She's a natural! Wanna know what she first did when I told her to make a serious face? See below.

Portrait of a shy girl giggling

She got super shy and said: "I can't be serious! It's so hard!!" That's my kind of gal. This session was mainly for Macey as a birthday present, but her momma, Dawn, also jumped in for some shots and it was perfect!

While planning this session and thinking of location ideas, Dawn said in all seriousness: "My friend has this piece of property that I think is beautiful. I think it could work. I hope it will be okay from a photographer's perspective!" When I arrived to said location, my jaw literally dropped and I said: "Yeeeeeeeah, I think it will work...."

I hope y'all enjoyed Macey and Dawn as much as I did!

Interested in a family or portrait session? Shoot me a message!


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