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Brittany's Senior Session in Knoxville, TN

Senior graduation photos in cap and gown

I love portrait sessions. They are all about you and I make sure you know it. This is your time to shine, and I want your confidence to go through the roof. Senior sessions are especially fun, because you're already so giddy with joy that you are finally graduating! Whether it's from high school or college, it's an accomplishment worth celebrating.

This is my girl, Brittany. We've been friends for around 7-8 years and she has actually been one of my main models as I grew in photography. We've done more sessions than I can count! But you know what's awesome? Having friends that pay you for your art, because they appreciate it. No mooching here; Brittany values my work and doesn't expect it for free! Those are the kind of friends you need.

She's currently living in Ohio, and while driving through Knoxville during Easter weekend, we got together and made some magic. The weather wasn't looking great, but I told her not to fret. After all the rainy sessions I've done lately, I'm practically a certified rain photographer now. I found some covered areas, and then we pulled out the umbrella for some rainy shots. And let me tell you, this girl was made to be in front of a camera. Most of the time I was like: "Are we doing a modeling session or senior session?" But you know what? It's both. Always.

Enjoy Brittany's senior session!

I am going to interrupt your scrolling for a brief message. During these bottle-popping shots, I specifically told Brittany: "Now, when you go to pop the bottle, your first instinct is going to be to push your head back into your neck and have a double chin. Don't do that. Make sure to keep your chin up, and a smile on your face." Wanna know how well that worked out? Keep scrolling. ;-)

And that's a wrap on Brittany's senior session. Hope you enjoyed them!

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