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The Vernich Family - Knoxville, Tn

Family photography of family laying on blanket

The Vernich Fam. Genevieve, Ryan, and sweet baby Cohen. Possibly the sweetest family you would ever meet. My husband and I go to church with Gen and Ryan, and we met them in a small group. The funny backstory: The first time we went to our church, we sat behind a young couple that was around our age. And during the meet-at-greet while we were chatting with them, they invited us to a small group get-together they were having that evening. We show up, and it wasn't so small, aha! There were roughly 30 people there! This was a get-together of multiple small groups. Well, during a fun game Gen and Ryan announced their pregnancy! So we were a *little* overwhelmed to say the least. Our first time here, all these people, such a big announcement. But this was a start to a wonderful friendship with a lot of people. My husband and I were placed in the small group with Gen, Ryan, and four other couples. And it was the best thing to happen to us.

Fast forward 9 months, and we have little Cohen! The cutest baby you will ever see. We planned a session for his 6 month mark, and Cohen was NOT having it. You can't tell by the pictures, but he was teething, grumpy, and throwing up for 90% of the session. But that 10%? He was giggling, smiling, and making the funniest faces! I guarantee you will smile while looking through these photos.

Interested in a family session? Contact me to get the ball rollin'!

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