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The Slusher Family - Knoxville, TN

Family walking while holding hands and smiling

The Slusher Family is a picturesque family. They have a radiant love, perfect style, and 2 of the cutest kiddos. They are also my neighbors, and when Kristen asked if I could take their photos I was way too quick to say: "UHH YES!" So we scheduled our session for January 6th, and prayed it wouldn't rain. At this point, it had been raining for weeks, it seemed. And if it wasn't raining, it was cloudy. Let's just say: it had been so long since we saw the sun that I almost forgot how to shoot with sunlight!

But we were so pleased to have this golden hour glow during the session. I was giddy with joy, showing Kristen previews from behind my camera, and she was also jumping with joy. I needed this session. Don't get me wrong, I love my cloudy, moody sessions as well. But I have missed the sun soooo much.

Kristens sister, niece, and mother also jumped in for a few pictures during the session. We had fun throwing leaves and playing in a wagon.

For a few family photography tips, keep scrolling! At the end of this blog post I'm giving you 4 tips for your family session. A full, more extensive blog post is in the works, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos and tips!

A few tips to get your best family photos:

Family Photography Tip #1: If possible, try to schedule pictures during the Golden Hour. Which is the hour before the sun sets. You will get this creamy, golden light that just takes your images to the next level.

Family Photography Tip #2: Even if it's cloudy, plan your session towards the evening. If the sun sets at 7:00 PM and it's cloudy, I like to schedule the session to start around 5:30 PM. "But Sarah, when it's cloudy it's like a natural diffuser! We should do the session any time during the day!" While this is true and we can totally schedule a mid-day session if it works better for you, the light is still "harsh" during the day. The sun is high in the sky, and though diffused by the clouds, it still creates shadows on the face, particularly in the eye sockets and right under the eyes, and it makes the highlights on your face even brighter. It's 100% doable to do a session mid-day, cloud or sun—but for the best natural light, it's always better to do a session in the evening when the light is softer and more subtle.

Family Photography Tip #3: Be sure to bring snacks and treats for the kids! There's nothing worse than a cranky toddler. But hand them a banana, let them munch, and they'll be back to smiles! I'm also not above bribing, with the parents permission of course. For example, we had to bribe sweet Liam with M&M's. "Liam, 3 more pictures and then you can have M&M's, okay? Now give me the biggggest smile ever and we'll give you EXTRA candy!" And you best believe his face lit up!

Family Photography Tip #4: Coordinate, not match, your outfits. The mom usually has the "main outfit" that sets the tone for everyone else. In this case, Kristen wore a super cute yellow shirt, and coordinated with little Owen by putting him in yellow pants and a tan cardigan. They don't match, but they coordinate. Kris and Liam kinda match, but with Kris' white shirt underneath it stands out enough. Liam also had a red plaid vest he wore in some pictures, which actually complimented everyone's outfits!

I will be making a full blog post with family photography tips, but enjoy these 4 in the meantime!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the Slusher Family Session as much as I did!

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