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The Moore's Anniversary Session

Amanda came to me wanting some anniversary pictures of her and her hubby. They have been married for about a year and a half, but couldn't seem to get a time for pictures! She wanted something fun and creative.

So, I suggested a styled shoot with them getting back in their wedding attire! Getting back in that dress and reliving some of those wedding-day emotions is a great setup for some intimate anniversary pictures. And what photographer doesn't love shooting a beautiful couple in wedding attire?

To make things better, her family wanted to be a part of this anniversary session, so EVERYONE got back into their dresses and suits and posed for more pictures. This was one of the funnest shoots I've done, and I would love to do it again with more people! It's the best part of wedding photography, without the actual wedding!

These were done in June, when it was hot and we had that nice, golden, summer light!

Just look at that twirl!

Also, her hair and make-up were on. point.

And, another twirl. Because I love twirls, light, and pretty dresses!

Dad of the year award:

One thing I always do when I shoot weddings: turn my grooms into Mens Warehouse models.

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