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The McGuire's - A Rainy Backyard Knoxville Wedding

Everyone, meet Sam and Pat. They're in love and got married on October 28, 2017. They wed under a gorgeous tent covered in bistro lights in her mom's backyard. And it was the prettiest backyard wedding I've ever been to!

I'd first like to introduce you to Sam: the quirky, full-of-life bride that even stole my heart. We both love the same shows, we have a similar personality, we both love dogs, and I love her child. I've grown close to Sam after the wedding, and she's such a kind, loveable person!

And now I give you Pat: the handsome groom who's a tad shy, but loves to dance! From what I hear, Pat has a heart made of Jello when it comes to their daughter, Violet. See below for those tear-jerking pictures.

Violet's face in the last two say it all. I'm kinda bummed that I missed the focus a little; but these are just too cute to not include!

Their ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little tight in the tent, so I was having to squeeze behind the wedding party to get some shots, but it was worth it.

It was a cold and rainy day for Sam and Pat's wedding. While they were a little apprehensive about it, I was excited and ready to embrace the rain to create some close, moody portraits of my bride and groom.

The reception was an absolute blast. The kids were on that dance floor keeping the whole party alive!

I'd also love like to give a shoutout to all the other lovely couples that attended this wedding. I gotchu.

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