The Little Maternity

The Little's are my favorite family of all time. If you've followed me long enough you would have noticed that I shot this family a lot. I shot Amber's maternity pictures when she was pregnant with her first child, Isaac, who is now 2 years old. We're not gonna talk about those pictures, because I will still learning when I took those. ;) I then took 3 month pictures of Isaac as well as 6 month, 18 month, and another family session. And let me tell ya... that child is wild! I love him to death, but he does NOT like having his picture taken. It's an ongoing joke with Amber, Justin, and myself. I always snap pics of Isaac screaming or frowning — and they happen to be the favorite images! Last time I went over to their house, I saw little coasters of a very angry 3m/o Isaac pouting at the camera. It's totally adorable. I sense blackmail pieces to show future girlfriends.

Anyways, Amber is now pregnant with her second child, Cadence! I can't wait to photograph that lil nugget! Isaac was SO GOOD for this session. He actually smiled and interacted with me and his parents. It was great. This is by far the best session I've done with the Little's in the past 3 years.

Also, there's mud puddles at the end. A little incentive for cooperating and it made for hilarious pictures! Enjoy.

Now, we did have a ribbon-sign that spelled out "Cadence" but between trying to get Isaac to cooperate and getting smiles on everyone, it ended up a little crooked. But it's better than nothing!

Just look at him cheesin'