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The Davis Wedding - Chattanooga, TN

Wedding couple chattanooga wedding photography

I know I say this about every wedding... but y'all. This wedding. It was more than perfect! And it was also the fastest wedding to date. I believe they were in and out in a total of 3 hours? They were ready to tie the knot and get down to their honeymoon!

Heather and Cody got married on March 3, 2018 at Willow Hill Events in Harrison, Tennessee, right outside of Chattanooga. Willow Hill is a rustic barn venue that's small and intimate; exactly what Heather and Cody were looking for. The inside is decorated with romantic bistro lights and it's so cozy! The best part? They let the couples pick what price they want to pay and all of the money goes to a charity to help with sex trafficking. Now that's amazing. The barn is on the property of the couple that owns it, and they let the couple use their own home to get ready in! I had a chance to talk with the owner and she is such a wonderful lady. So if you're in the market for a cute venue that fits your own budget, then contact Will Hill Events!

So when I had the pre-wedding consultation with Heather and Cody I asked what their color theme was. Heather responded with: "We don't really have a theme...but my bridesmaid dresses are black!" And her face lit up with a smile. And so did mine! Black bridesmaid dresses are super trendy right now and I was SO EXCITED to finally have a bridal party with them! And to top it off, they all chose different dresses. And they rocked them! I've never seen a more gorgeous set of ladies!

So Heather's dress was literally perfect. The lace intricacies, the sleeves, the open back, and how it shaped her body was magical. Every picture I have posted on social media has resulted in people raving about how gorgeous it is! So let's all just take a moment to appreciate this dress and Heather's beauty:

Bride in open back wedding dress walking

So I've been blessed to have very fun, goofy, wild Grooms since I started photographing Weddings. And Cody was NO exception! As you'll see in his groom portraits and throughout the rest of the images, these two have such a goofy relationship and it is the most adorable thing ever!

In this next series, I asked Cody to give me his best "Vogue" face, and without skipping a beat he sucked in his cheeks to try and get those defined cheekbones! Then just started laughing because I couldn't help but chuckle!

He was also super excited about his patterned vest. This guy and his groomsmen had me rollin' the whole time to where actual tears were coming out of my eyes from laughing! They wanted to do that cheesy, cliché shot where the guys are looking at the guys wedding band like the girls do for the wedding ring. The wanted to do it BECAUSE of how cheesy it was. It was great, and they couldn't help but break out laughing afterwards. I'm also impressed with the amount of air they got when I asked them to jump! Cody went so high in one shot that half of his head went out of frame! Take a moment to just look at each individual guy mid-jump. They will not disappoint.

Now onto the best part: the ceremony. Cody was super excited to get married. See exhibit A below:

groom excited to get married giving thumbs up

So the next series of shots were Cody's facial expressions as his bride-to-be walked down the aisle. He was fighting back the tears - though because Heather had threatened him not to cry. ;)