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The Best Family - Knoxville, TN

Fall family session in Knoxville, Tn

I met the Best Family through a mutual friend: my hairdresser! My hairdresser, Bethany of Honeycomb Hair Studio in Knoxville (who is AMAZING, BTW) told me she had a family that recently adopted a little girl from South Korea and was looking for some photos. She gave them my info and a few months later here we are!

Kristy is that gorgeous momma above. We started talking in July and settled on a date in October for some fall photos! I love photographing families and the dynamics that exist in one household. And trust me when I say there are PLENTY of personalities in this family and it made it so much fun.

Little Sadie is the newest addition to the family, pink sweater, and you can tell that the whole family absolutely adores her. As you scroll through these images, you will see how happy Sadie is and also how SILLY she is! She is a total doll.

This session was full of acorn hunting and bubble blowing. Hope you love them as much as I do!

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