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Teddleton Anniversary Session

I love the Teddleton's. The very first wedding I ever shot was for this lovely, beautiful couple. Our journey started with their engagement session, where I fell down a small slope while backing up to take their picture. oops. What a great first impression, right? Well, I guess it was because they've continued to use me as their photographer! After their engagement, they asked if I would shoot their wedding. I told them I had never shot a wedding before, but they knew I would do a great job. To this day, their wedding photos are still my favorite. Maybe it's because it was my first wedding, and maybe it's because of how amazing the images turned out.

Meagan contacted me saying they wanted a session to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and I was so freakin' excited. The only sad part: I had to wait 2 weeks before I could post anything! It was eating me alive. All I wanted to do was share these images and the love they have for each other.

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