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Snow Day in the North Carolina Mountains

We had a snow day over here in Knoxville in December 2017. But sadly, Knoxville didn't get much. North Carolina on the other hand - got a lot.

While most people stay in during snow, Brandon does not. And I guess that means I don't either. We got out and drove over to the North Carolina mountains and drove through the backwoods of snow.

Were we prepared for this? No. Not at all. We ended up getting stuck for 2 hours, but I'll explain more of that in a little bit, with pictures. So keep on scrolling.

Before and after getting stuck, we were driving through a winter wonderland. I honestly don't think I've ever seen anything as gorgeous as this. My eyes were glued to the window, and my camera.

So, we got stuck. Bad. We were driving and hit a mud puddle that had been completely covered by snow. And we just kept sinking into the mud. Brandon was outside for an hour, in the snow, with no gloves grabbing every stone and stick he could find to lodge us out of this thing. We had remembered passing a small, back-woods house about 5 minutes before getting to this spot, but we were going to use that as a last resort. Because someone who lives this far out in the backwoods, does not expect visitors knocking on their door.

Well, we had to pay this guy a visit. And it went very well! Brandon saw that the guy was outside and stood at a distance, called out to the gentleman, and explained the situation. He came and pulled us out with his F250 and chains. It still took a lot of pulls and tugs, so there was no way we were going to get out of there alone.

We thank you, kind gentleman sir, for pulling us out of the mud.

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