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Luke's Senior Session in Hixson, TN

Everyone, meet Luke! This fella is graduating high school in a couple weeks and he's jumping for joy while his momma is crying tears of happiness that her little boy has grown up! Luke was fun to chat with and obviously worked the camera like a pro. He made my job easy, that's for sure!

I came to meet Luke ultimately through my best friend of 12 years, Kayti. Her dad recently remarried to an amazing woman, Becky, and this is one of her sons! Kayti's dad is basically my dad, too. So we're all one big family! When Becky asked if I could take senior pictures of Luke, of course I had to say yes!

What made this session a little more challenging was that I am used to shooting women. The twirls, the skipping, the hair whooshes, the whole shebang. Photographing a guy is a whole new world! And honestly, Luke is my first only-guy portrait session. My first instinct was to tell him to skip through the field, but I wasn't going to make him do that ;)

So we did a lot of chatting during the session and I picked up on things that could make him laugh. We did these photos at Greenway Farms, aka "The Greenway" in Hixson, Tennessee - right outside of Chattanooga!

So here ya go - Luke's fun senior session!

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