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Our 2017 Travels

This is a test blog post to test the glitching when using the "collage" feature on Wix Blogs.

in 2017 we went to the Outer Banks, Charleston, camping in the Smokies, and down the West Coast. It was glorious. We went to the Outer Banks last year and it was a BLAST.

There were cute birds everywhere. And I'm really just writing random stuff since this is a test page for the Wix team to observe.

The views of the water were just phenomenal!

I even got to dabble in the world of night photography a little bit. It wasn't as clear as I was hoping, but we still had fun playing in the pitch black night with only the moon to illuminate us.

For meals, we basically prepped everything before hand so that all we had to do was throw it some foil and onto the fire. 7/10 times there was sand in the food. -.-

The next grouping of photos is from our time in Washington

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