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Melanie's Senior Session

Melanie was one of my first friends in Nashville. We worked at TJ Maxx together and instantly clicked. She made shifts go by quicker, and I was glad to have a friend like her! Fast forward a few year and I'm now graduated and living in Knoxville. Melanie is a senior at MTSU and graduating in December, so of course I was thrilled when she asked me to do her senior pictures! Our thread of texts got me smiling like I'm on a first date. "Girl, you keep posting the most absolutely gorgeous pictures and it's killing me! I'm ridiculously excited for you to take my pictures! I feel crazy for being so excited but like very time you post a picture I'm like 'oh s***! That'll be me soon!' and I can't wait!"

No pressure, right? Well, all was great and we had a blast! We brought along Taylor, her bff and another TJ Maxx alumni, and it sealed the deal. Taylor could make Melanie laugh like it was no one's business. So if you're ready to see the happiest, cutest human being on this planet: keep scrolling.

We were hoping for fall colors in Nashville, seeing as how it was October 21st. But we were wrong. I had to work a little bit of editing magic to get some of these first few images looking like fall!

I also had Melanie twirl a lot... so prepare yourselves for twirl shots!

Melanie also has the lightest, fluffiest hair I've ever seen. So I put on "Whip It" and made her whip her hair back and forth so you can see it in all it's fluffy glory! Kudos to Melanie for all the twirling, spinning, and whipping she did with me for this session.

And for giggles, Melanie really likes her pumpkins. :-)

So, I like to refer to Taylor as Mama Tay. Let me show you why:

Here she is helping Mel with her outfit. Holding all her mom bags.

And fixing her hair:

Don't forget the eye-gunk:

But all in all, we love Momma tay


And ladies, if you happen to like Melanie's outfit; I was informed she got everything from Maurices :)

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