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Marquesha's 23rd Birthday Session

I went to middle and high school with Marquesha. She's been a good friend of mine for so long and I love her to death! A couple weeks ago she messaged me on Instagram saying she loved my work and wanted to do a birthday shoot with me! Of course I said YESSSS! I love doing portrait sessions, and now I get to do a portrait session with confetti, cupcakes, and balloons?? Sign me up!

I haven't seen Marquesha since we graduated high school in 2012. So, when I saw her walk up my jaw dropped and I said dayyyummm! Marquesha's always been drop dead gorgeous, but time is on her side! She's walkin' up looking like a super model. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect outfit. Perfect personality.

She brought her twin baby cousins with her to the shoot, and let me tell you – these girls are so sweet and adorable! So while my assistant, Kayti, was helping Marquesha with putting on her super nice and complicated shoes, I decided to take a few shots of these adorable girls:

Aren't they the cutest! They even gave me big hugs before I left.

Heart. Melted.

I tried to cut down the number of images I posted so that y'all wouldn't be scrolling forever – but it was too hard to narrow it down to just a few! So enjoy your scrolling of this super fun session of Marquesha! The images get better and better as you go.

I had brought some cute confetti poppers and had this amazing vision in my head of confetti falling all around Marquesha. Wanna know what actually happened? This:

But it was still funny, and I was able to catch the cutest laugh from her. She did bring a confetti popper that was shaped like a champagne bottle - and it worked. Keep scrolling to see that!

Now, time for the cupcake pictures. We were struggling with this, y'all. We were standing under the Market Street Bridge in Chattanooga, TN and there was already a breeze outside, which was stronger under the bridge. So I apologize for the wimpy flame, but we tried.

After the cupcake shots, we gave it to the twins' and they were in heeeeaven, to say the least. ;)

The champagne confetti popper worked so well! Next time I have a birthday shoot, I'm getting like three of them to set off all at once around the birthday subject.

Hope y'all enjoyed viewing this session as much as I enjoyed taking it!

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