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Manley Girls + The Fam

Smiling family portrait on a couch

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Manley Girls and their family! I go to church with Genevieve, and when her family was in town for her sister's graduation, she hired me to do a small little fam bam of everyone!

Of course, the forecast was rain. *shocker* Luckily, there's a cool little studio space in Knoxville called The Hive, and we were able to snatch a time slot from them. Unfortunately, they just announced they were closing! But at least I got to shoot in here once. :-)

Each of these ladies has a husband/boyfriend, so of course I had to take a few shots of the happy couples. When I do larger family sessions, I take the group shots, and then I like to break everyone up and do multiple smaller groups. It gives variety and everyone is happy!

Also, these ladies are definitely the most fashionable group of girls I've ever photographed and I will have to get them to write my styling guide. ;-)

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