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Jacky + Mitchell Mini Engagement/Family

Jacky is a fellow photographer friend of mine in Chattanooga. When I’m not available, my own sister uses her for photos. That’s right - my sister uses another photographer. But I’m not hurt by it, I lived in Nashville for awhile and now in Knoxville; so I’m not always readily available like Jacky is. She’s taken care of my sister and given us all lovely photos!

So imagine my excitement when Jacky comes to me asking what I charge for wedding coverage! I quickly set her up, her and Mitchell signed a contract, and they are getting married on February 24, 2018! Part of their package included a mini-session, which they used to get both engagement photos and some family photos. I love getting to work with clients before the big day, so this helped them see how I shoot, and it helped me see how they like to be photographed.

Y’all. They are such a gorgeous couple full of love and life! Their wedding is going to be small and intimate, and it will be BEAUTIFUL. I’m so excited for this and it’s right around the corner; so you’ll be seeing that blogged soon enough. ;)

My luck with cloudy sessions here of late. That's what winter is like here in the South: gloomy and cloudy and usually rainy. We met up at Renaissance Park for this little session and the views of Chattanooga did not disappoint. We have the Tennessee Aquarium in the background as well as the Walnut Street Bridge and Tennessee River!

When we were done with the session, we were walking back to the cars when we came across the infamous hill, with cardboard boxes. So naturally the girls + Mitchell ran up there and started sliding down the hill. It was a blast!

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