Happy #FurBabyFriday !

picture of a jack russell terrier dog on bed

Well, the people have spoken. #FurBabyFriday is officially a thing here at Sarah Michelle Photography.

I posted on my Facebook page asking my followers what topics they would like to see me blog about, and you wanna know what most people said? My dogs. I'm starting to think it's the only reason people follow me anymore. ;-)

But I mean, I can't blame them. I do have 2 stinkin' cute dogs who are so full of personality. So for the first #FurBabyFriday post, I'll start with an introduction of the dogs, and keep the images to a minimum. Every Friday, I will make a new post about the dogs with a few images! So be sure to check back!

Two cute terrier dogs with tilted heads

This is April (left) and Tucker (right). The dynamic duo that has taken my Instagram by storm. And by storm, I mean all 500 of my personal IG followers are just there for the dog posts. They tend to get the most likes. #NoShame They love to snuggle together on the couch while we're at work, and resent each other when we're at home. Tucker will be sitting in my lap, and April will literally come up and sit on top of him in order to get him to move.

April is a year younger, and the alpha of the two. She's stubborn, sassy, and a bully. Basically a toddler in dog form. But she's also super sweet. More into this later.

Meet Tucker

Cute Jack Russell Terrier on bed

Tucker was our first born pup. We got him at 6 weeks old back in 2013 when Brandon and I were living in our first place together in Chattanooga. He was such a cute, spunky pup.

Cute Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

And this is our boy today, almost 6 years old. Tucker is a momma's boy who love snuggles and to play. He could play 24/7 if he could. We could go for a walk or a run, and he would be ready to play afterwards. He just never stops!

He's also my #1 model and lets me get all up in his face for a shot. I love this booger and he's one of the best things that's ever happened to us!

Meet April

Cute rat terrier with pretty eyes

We got April when she was just 4.5 months old, so unfortunately we don't have any puppy pictures of her. This is about all we have:

She is our troublemaker, sassy, spunky, girl. She has a HUGE attitude and is basically a toddler in a dog's body. She's the alpha of the two dogs, and bullies Tucker from time to time... She'll bark at him when he's laying where she wants to lay, she'll literally take a treat from his mouth, and when she's in a certain mood she'll hog the whole crate at bedtime. She also loves to steal human food, dig in the trash, and eat paper... She keeps our hands full, to say the least.

But she's also a very sweet, snuggly dog and tends to be the crowd favorite when we have guests over. That's because she puts on a front and bats those doggy eyes for attention. But when everyone's gone, she becomes the sparky devil she really is. But we love her nonetheless!

And that's it for my first #FurBabyFriday ! My next posts will be shorter, but since this was the first one I felt proper introductions were in order!

Check out my personal Instagram page if you're interested in seeing more of these Rugrats.