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Denver McKee • Knoxville In-Home Newborn Session

I'm 23, engaged, and having baby fever. Am I ready to have kids of my own? Not at all. But do I just want to scoop up all the babies and snuggle them all day? Yes! So what's the best remedy when you're not ready to have a child of your own? Newborn sessions.

My newborn sessions are lifestyle, in-home sessions with the whole family. No studio lights, bean bags, or posing. I love studio newborn sessions and will have them done for my own babes, but I was always too scared of breaking the tiny, fragile newborns so I knew lifestyle sessions were the best option for me, and the funnest! I get to hold the babies, rock them, coddle them, and enjoy their smelly gas without fear of posing them wrong.

Probably one of the most satisfying things about doing newborn sessions in the clients home is seeing the family atmosphere and all the love a newborn brings to the home. I am in THEIR environment. This is where they're the most confident, comfortable, and relaxed. Being able to witness mom, dad, and siblings gush over the newest addition to the family just reminds me of why I love doing photography so much.

This is the McKee Family, and they happen to be my next door neighbors. When we first moved to Knoxville in July, we soon found out our little cul-de-sac was full of friendly families with lots of babies and toddlers running around. When I told them I did photography, they all seemed excited to take advantage of me being right next door — their handy dandy neighborhood photographer!

When the McKee's asked me to do a newborn session, I was so excited! They also have an adorable, wild 2 year old that stole my heart because she reminds me of myself. She didn't want to be in many of the pictures, but we were able to get her into a few. ;)

So I'll stop my rambling here and let you get on to what you came here for: Denver McKee's newborn session. Enjoy!

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