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Charleston, South Carolina

Downtown Charleston South Carolina

Wanna know how long it took me to pick that feature image above? Too long. Because there were so many images to choose from and they are all my favorite!

So Brandon and I were in Sumpter, SC for the birth of our new nephew, Bentley Thomas Rodgers. My sister in law Kristina originally wanted me in the delivery room taking birth photos, but she went into labor a week early and we lived 9 hours away... so we didn't make it in time. We made it right as she was going into delivery, and they wouldn't let me into the room. Poop.

So we went and checked into a hotel, grabbed some dinner, and made our way back to the hospital to wait for the arrival of little Bentley. Kristina was in labor for a while, and her mom came out and told us to go ahead and go to the hotel to get some sleep and to come visit in the morning, so we did. She was still in labor when we left and we knew she would be too exhausted for visitors that night. When we did visit the next morning, I got to go into the nursery with Kristina and take pictures of her and Bentley. You can find those pictures by clicking here.

So we stayed for another day and visited, and then went down to Charleston for a little mini-vacation while we were in the area. And I think Charleston is now one of my favorite spots! Everywhere we went I just kept thinking: THIS IS GORGEOUS! I wish I had a client here to photograph because it's just gorgeous.

The main bridge in Charleston, whose name is escaping me, was majestic and I made Brandon drive over it at least 4 times so that I could get pictures, aha!

So I hope you enjoy some of these pictures of Charleston. There are by no means all of them, but some of my favorites.

Palm tree in Charleston, South Carolina

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