Best of 2017 - Personal

Wow! What a year! I’ve been to 5 different states: Washington, Oregon, California, South Carolina, and North Carolina. I've gone into the Smokies at least 4 times, taken lots of pictures of my dogs, and dabbled in the world of lowlight photography. I've been on so many adventures with my fiance, Brandon, this year that it's unbelievable and I am forever blessed.

When setting my goals for this year, I wanted to take more landscape photos and document small, everyday things in my life. My goals weren't huge, but it's what I wanted. 5 states later, I'd say I met my goal of doing more landscape photography. ;)

For next years, I want to go on more adventures and do better with my landscape photography, do more photography challenges that will challenge me and keep things fresh, practice more lowlight photography, and take even more pictures of my dogs.

Now, I know you're all here just to see pictures of my dogs. That's the only reason people follow me anymore. ;) So, without further ado I give you my personal Best of 2017!