Bentley Thomas Rodgers

The newest member to the Rodgers family arrived on July 23, 2017 in Sumter, South Carolina! 5lb 7oz of pure cuteness. Blake, my brother-in-law, and his wife, Kristina, welcomed Bentley Thomas at 9:26 pm. Kristina had wanted me to photograph her birth and I was more than thrilled to do so! I've never done birth photography before, and doing it for the first time on my new nephew would have been perfect.

But there was one tiny problem. They lived 8 hours away.

Kristina was due early-mid August, but at 3:00am on July 23rd, I get a text from Blake saying she's 2 cm dilated and in the hospital. He told us to just head up in the morning or afternoon and we should make it on time. Well, I happened to be in Chattanooga that weekend visiting my family. Around 10am, I'm heading back up to Knoxville when I get the text that she's already 10cm dilated! Well, it took me 2 hours to get back to Knoxville, and then Brandon and I had to pack our bags. We didn't start heading to South Carolina until around 1:30pm. We rushed and tried so hard to get there in time for me to photograph the birth, but we were too late by 30 minutes. She had already started pushing and they would not let me back there. I was so upset that I didn't get to be in there to photograph the most important event in their life. I felt like we did all that rushing and driving for nothing. We ended up going to get some dinner, and then a hotel room. We didn't get to go see Bentley until the next day. But we didn't do all the rushing for nothing. We got to sleep in and not rush there the next day!

So, we pick them up some Chick-fil-a, because who likes hospital food, and we head on our way to see baby Bentley. Since he was a premie, they still had him in the Nursery, and that's where we had to go to see him. I brought my camera, and did a Fresh 48 in the nursery with mom and baby. Sadly, there weren't any windows, but we made it work. This little babe is so adorable, and prepare yourselves to get some baby fever!

I hope you enjoyed theses as mush as enjoyed taking them. You'll see much more of Bentley as he grows up and I document his journey and this family.