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Anja Raizel • Newborn Session

Y'all. I have never yawned more while editing a session. Not from boredom and sleepiness, but from the contagious nature of a yawn. See the image above, and then:

I bet you just yawned, too. I'm yawning just talking about it. So, moving on!

In-home, lifestyle newborn sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. We are in the comfort of your own home where the little one is most comfortable, and where you and your family are cozy. No studio lights or forced posing; just you and your little nugget cuddling, sleeping, eating, and probably passing some nasty gas. ;)

Now, I don't have a problem with studio newborn photography. It's gorgeous, and it takes a lot of talent. But it's not for everyone. Some parents invest in both the studio session of their baby, and the lifestyle session so they can have precious moments and memories captured as well as solo portraits of their lil squish.

I used to be scared of newborn sessions because I was afraid of breaking the baby, and I also don't have studio lights. Well, that's the joy of doing in-home lifestyle sessions. I don't have to touch the baby! But let's be real for a second... I love babies, so of course I touched her and coddled her. Being able to photograph newborns gives me baby fever for a while, but also gives me plenty of time to enjoy the babies without having one of my own.

Lord help my future child. I will not be able to stop taking pictures of him/her.

Upon request from mom and dad, we actually did this session in my home. So I piled the family in my very undecorated bedroom with awesome window light and went to town. Anja was so good and happy and content throughout the whole session. Just snoozin, smiling, and starting at her mom and dad. I don't recall her ever getting fussy! The pictures below are in order based on when I took them. I took solo pictures of lil Anja at the end of our session, when she was completely worn out from all the coddling and had a belly full of milk.

I hope you enjoy this lil cutie and this beautiful family.

Thanks for visiting Sarah Michelle Photography; and don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in an in-home newborn session :)

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