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Aj - 2 years old - Knoxville, TN

2 year old girl smiling

As some of you know, I used to be based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I lived there for about 4 years, went from an apartment to a house, graduated college and had 2 different jobs there... all while building my photography and my client base.

And then I moved. Right as things were gettin' saucy. But would I trade it for anything? No. Moving to Knoxville was the best thing my fiancé and I ever did. While I did move 3 hours away from my most loyal and trusted clients, I'm building new relationships and I got my dream day-job. Life is good over here.

One of our neighbors in Nashville used me for their daughter's images. From the time she was 3 months old to now 2 year's old! And they were in Knoxville a few weeks ago for a ball game! So of course I was thrilled when they asked if we could squeeze in some pictures for AJ's 2-year milestone. So we got up bright and early on a beautiful, spring Sunday morning... except it didn't feel like Spring at all! If you're from Tennessee, you know how messed up our weather is. It was April 8th, and it was 30 degrees outside! 30!

So little miss Avery Jaymes was not as thrilled as I was... but we got what we could between those tears and shivers!

2 year old girl for spring pictures

2 year old girl cold

2 year old girl

2 year old girl crying

2 year old girl during Spring

2 year old girl looking at camera

2 year old girl during Spring

2 year old girl with blue eyes crying

2 year old girl during Spring

2 year old girl spring pictures

2 year old girl hugging mother

I'll be meeting up again with the Gill's in the summer when it's warm outside so that we can try to get some smiling pictures of AJ! Though I will say: AJ is still so darn cute with those tears.

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